Terms of Use

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In addition to that, these terms of use can be modified by use on a constant basis and even without prior notice. These changes will then be reflected on the newly published terms of use.

Data or Information Submission

You must be at least 18 years old in order to be able to submit any form of information to our website. All the information which you will be submitting must be complete, accurate, legitimate and up to date. If in case any information needs to be changed, you will be responsible for informing our company regarding the needed changes. The said information is required if you wish to make use of our services as this will be used for identity verification.

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Third Party Groups

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If in case you find any form of advertisement on our website, we are not going to be held accountable for any form of misleading or inaccurate information seen or provided by these environment since that is the sole responsibility of the advertisers themselves. These advertisements should not be considered as a form of endorsements. Acknowledging these terms of use releases us from any claims which you may have, in the event that you have made contact or obtained the services or products offered by these third party groups.


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Modifications on Our Terms of Use

We can and we will change all these or part of our terms of use in any way and at any time we want. We have the right to do all these without giving prior notice to you or to any other end users. All of these changes will be posted once done and it will be effective right after posting it. Accessing and using our website after all these changes simply implies that you are agreeing to these changes in our terms of use.

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