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How to be a Good Cleaner

Want to become better at your cleaning job? Trying to win over more loyal clients?  Looking for ways to streamline your work process? You’ve come to the right place – we’ve got all the answers for you to become a good cleaner!

As you’ve most likely figured out by now, cleaning isn’t as easy as most people think. Yes, anyone can pick up a vacuum cleaner or a mop and do some cleaning. But being a professional cleaner isn’t just about “doing the job”, it’s about doing the job right!

That’s right – there are many little details that most cleaners, be they private contractors or company employees, are missing. That’s why there are so few cleaners with real 100% positive reviews, and that’s also why they’re always fully booked – clients will always value professionalism above all else.

How this platform came to be?

My name is Antoaneta ( Toni ) Tsocheva. I run a Cleaning Company. I’m the founder and leader of a thriving UK-based cleaning company that has been going strong for over many years, since 2001. But I wasn’t always a businesswoman. That’s right, once I was just like you. Chances are, I was actually worse off! When I first decided to try my luck in the cleaning industry, I had just arrived in London, had barely £500 to my name and didn’t know a word of English! This made for quite the rocky start. I had to learn a thousand things at once, and I could barely even communicate with the people around me… But I pulled through, and here I am today, ready to share all of my knowledge with you!

This website was made to help cleaners looking to improve at their job, win over more clients and expand their horizons. All in all, it was made for people just like you! On our pages, you’ll find a wellspring of information, based upon personal experience and long years in the cleaning industry. Our assortment of cleaning lessons and materials are provided by UK-based cleaning experts, hand-picked by yours truly.

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What this platform can do for you

Our platform is designed to teach you the ins and outs of how to be a good cleaner. We’ll tackle topics like:

  • Attentiveness – remember how I mentioned “numerous details”?
  • Versatility – how to tackle the different tasks that you’ll be faced with
  • Flexibility – why you need to be as flexible with your schedule as possible
  • Efficiency – there’s a reason most cleaning companies boast about efficiency and effectiveness!
  • Time management – both in your work and in your personal time!
  • Problem-solving – on average, a cleaner needs better problem-solving skills that most places where it’s a part of your job description
  • Teamwork and leadership – even if you don’t happen to be a part of a team at the given moment, these skills are absolutely invaluable for a cleaning expert
  • Honesty – a good cleaning is an honest cleaner!

“But those are all very general and broad topics!”

Yes, they most certainly are. But if you want to learn how to be a good cleaner, you’ll need to study them all in great detail.

“But I’ve already mastered all of this”

Even though that’s highly doubtful (there’s always more to learn, no matter how experienced you are!), if you’re convinced that you’ve got the “basics” down already, we’ve also got more specialised materials, pertaining to the different jobs and environments that you’ll encounter.

As I already mentioned above, I own a cleaning business, and, as any self-respecting business, we operate in a multitude of fields. We provide Londoners with a whole host of services, like:

  • One-off cleaning
  • End of tenancy cleaning
  • After builders cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Custom-tailored cleaning services

And, even though my company is currently focusing on the commercial sector (due to the difference in clientele – if you’re interested, we’ve got a lesson covering that as well!), we’ve got courses, dedicated to being a good cleaner in all of those areas.

How To Be A Professional Cleaner

Why Join Our Good Cleaning Community?

If you’re still not convinced that this website is what you’re looking for, I’ve got one last trick up my sleeve – our community! Over the few months that this project has been live, we’ve managed to build up a fantastic community of cleaners, specialising in a variety of jobs.

Our website is like a second home to numerous private contractors, company employees and freelancers, all of which are here to exchange ideas, share experiences, discuss strategies and help each other out! No matter if you’re looking for tips, seeking advice, or just need to talk to someone in your line of work, our community is always there for you!

We’ll give you all the knowledge and tools to be not just a good cleaner, but a perfect cleaner!


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